Ethno-Archaelogical Assessments

Expertise within NMMZ

Expertise within NMMZ

With its extensive body of curators/researchers and assistant curators in many of fields, NMMZ offers a competent team to potential clients for carrying out Archaeological Impact Assessments. NMMZ also offers competent and specialist researchers to advise on specific issues relating to Environmental Impact Assessments. These services are offered at a competitive rate.

Copper excavation


Phases of impact Assessments


Archaelogical Assessment Costs

Who Meets the Cost of Archaeological Impacts Assessments.

If the developer contracts experts from National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe, the developer meets all the costs for carrying out Ethno-Archaeological Assessments, including mitigation projects. Such a fee is negotiable through the Archaeology Field Unit.
If the developer contracts external experts, the negotiation is between the developer and the external experts.

To all Developers NMMZ Archaeology Field Unit is available at Affordable Rates.

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