The National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ ) is Zimbabwe's premier heritage organization established under an Act of Parliament; The National Museums and Monuments Act (Chapter 25:11).




In a move towards devolution and opening up equal access of heritage information to learners in Zimbabwe, from this year onwards, the heritage quiz programme, which is in its 25 th year running, will be implemented in an expanded format. The nature of the expansion is through extension. Whereas previously the programme was done with a target to produce five (5 )teams to represent the Northern, Southern, Central, Western and Eastern Regions of National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe at the national finals to mark the International Museums Day, in the new scenario; the programme targets ten (10) teams which shall represent all the provinces in the nation.This implies that, at the national finals, ten (10) teams, drawn from ten provinces, shall compete, instead of the usual 5 teams that used to represent National Museum’s five Regions. The expanded format is effectively implemented through strengthened bonds of partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Schools. Through the effective coordination of the programme by the Ministry’s National Association of Primary School Heads (NAPH) and National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe’s Heritage Education Department, the expanded quiz programme is expected to reach out to all learning clusters, zones, districts and provinces in the nation. On the 22 nd March this year,all the ten (10) provinces are going to host their first ever Provincial Heritage Quiz Competitions. This is a new development from the old system where Regional final competitions were hosted at the five Regional Museums instead. The Provincial finals, which shall be a yearly event, offer the participants, who are mostly the youths of Zimbabwe a defined chance to celebrate their own and national heritage in a localised context as the heritage quiz programme can be part of other home-grown activities.


This memorial shrine marks the place where the gallant Seven Heroes of the 28 th April 1966 Battle of Chinhoyi perished in a fiery military contact with the Rhodesian Forces. This Battlesignaled the beginning of the armed struggle, the Second  Chimurenga/Umvukela that brought Independence toZimbabwe on 18 th April 1980. The monument and field museum is being developed in memory of Christopher Chatambudza, David Guzuzu, Godwin Manyerenyere, Arthur Maramba, Godfrey Dube, Chubby Sawana (Savanhu), and Simon Nyandoro for their immense contribution to the liberation and emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe from colonial bondage. Once completed, the information stations around the monument will chronicle the 1966 Battle and are all named in memory of the Seven.