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We are an arena of national identity.

NMMZ has a national role in presenting the cultural and natural heritage of Zimbabwe to many publics. Cultural identities are developed, strengthened and celebrated at museums and sites. The NMMZ plays a vital role in forming and strengthening that national identity.

We take care of the heritage that embodies that national identity.

This includes tangible and intangible heritage (spiritual and ritual aspects). NMMZ identifies, documents and conserves the archaeological sites and historic monuments of Zimbabwe. This involves regular annual cycles of work and special projects. NMMZ is also the custodian of the nation’s collections and undertakes regular audits and cycles of conservation. Computerised documentation enhances the security and preservation of the collections.

We are custodians and creators of knowledge of the national heritage .

NMMZ has an establishment of 40 curators whose role it is to undertake research on the collections and monuments and to make that research accessible to a variety of publics. During the period of the new plan a renaissance in publications is planned aimed at national and international audiences so that the organization is firmly positioned as an international research institution.

We fulfill a national and international role by working in partnership to deliver services.

NMMZ emphasizes the importance of working in partnership with public, private and non-governmental sectors. These partnerships strengthen the organization and ensure more efficient and effective delivery of services.

We are committed to developing potential and innovation within our staff.

The staff is the most important resource of the organisation, hence strong commitment to developing and training specialist staff to ensure the achievement of corporate goals.

We are educators.

The underlying purpose of the organisation is the advancement of the education of the publics of Zimbabwe. This education takes place at a variety of levels and it is acknowledged that the organisation must span the spectrum of education from popular to scholarly. Visitors should learn through enjoyment.

We ensure best use of resources and promote good business practice.

NMMZ is a public institution funded mainly through Grant Aid from Central Government. There is also a strong commitment to continuously increase own resources generation by NMMZ through development of a market-oriented and buoyant income generation base. NMMZ remains committed to ensuring that Public resources are effectively and efficiently used.


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Contact Us

107 Rotten Row 
Penrose Hill Building 
PO Box CY 1485 Causeway

+263 242 774208/752876

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