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This exhibition that showcases the results of an exhumation carried out in 2011 at Chibondo Mine in Mount Darwin. Chibondo is a focus case that epitomizes numerous horrific insistences where thousands of innocent civilians and Liberation fighters were killed and dumped into mine shafts and shallow graves in an attempt to curtail Zimbabwe's marched freedom. Also on exhibition will be results of osteo- archaeological analyses of the exhumation findings. The exhibition, which is largely pictorial, is anchored on a 3 metre 3D model of the mine shaft showing the three levels from which bodies were recovered separated by both the type of remains recovered as well as their different states o preservation.


Revamping of the Beit gallery

The Museum intends to rebuild and reorganize the Beit Gallery to respond to changing visitor needs. This will be the largest gallery re-display since the museum was officially opened in 1964. The new Beit Gallery is expected to be commissioned in September 2014 to coincide with the museums Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The project will enable the museum to present and re-evaluate histories and the environment while also responding to contemporary social shifts and new historiographies. Exhibits and topics which evolved over a long period of time will be transferred into a new and coherent concept, creating new contexts for museum objects and new kinds of visitor experience. This will also give the museum the opportunity to employ new methods of display and interpretation that enhance visitor experience.

Presently traffic flow is uncontrolled and the gallery has un-demarcated sections containing artefacts covering different subjects such as transport, natural history, geology, archaeology and ethnography. For the envisioned plan to be successful before the Golden Jubilee celebrations, Mutare museum is appealing for financial support amounting to $37 700. For any donations, please contact the Regional Director, Eastern Region on 020 63630 or the Executive Director of National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe on 04 710044.


Botany and Zoology Department

The famous live snake displays in the Mezzanine gallery will soon be re-introduced by public demand. The plans are at an advanced stage and the following weeks will see activities like construction of rat breeding house and field collections of the Gabon vipers to be displayed. Snakes are quite fascinating creatures yet people know very little about them. We will soon bring them closer to our visitors, in a safe environment. The displays are for the enjoyment of all age groups of visitors to Mutare museum and for educational purposes for scholars.






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